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ready to stop buying your trash?!

New to the idea of a refill shop? Refilling bottles is one of the easiest ways to keep disposable plastics out of landfills and resource intensive recycling systems. Bring your own bottles or purchase ours to refill with our plant based, cruelty-free, and sustainably sourced bath, home, and body products. 


How to Refill In-Person:

  • Bring your own (byo) clean and dry container or purchase one of ours to fill via our jar deposit program.

    • If your byo container, remember that it can be any container with a sealed top.​

    • Important: When refilling a bottle, be sure to fill with the same product as before. If your container is dusty, has water or has product that is older than a year, sanitize and dry it before refilling to preserve the life of your product. This is especially important for face and skincare products to prevent the growth of mold, yeast or fungus. Learn more about how to properly sanitize here.

  • Set your container on the scale and hit the tare button.​

    • the tare button will cancel out the weight of your jar so you only pay for the product, not the product and container​

  • Refills are sold by the ounce.

  • Fill your container up!

    • Hint: Tilt the container a bit to avoid spillage! Also, spillage is normal :).

  • Put it back on the scale to get the total weight of the product​

  • Check out!

Curious about pricing? You can find the price per oz listed refill page. 


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