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Hi! I'm Eryn and the owner of Eco Inspired

I was born and raised in Richmond, VA (hey southside!) and after a decade plus of being a college athletics administrator took a hard turn and changed my career path to entrepreneur in May 2021. During the pandemic I knew that my inner environmentalist needed to come out and do more than just focus on reducing my own personal waste, so, that's how Eco Inspired was born. It emerged from a desire to help people lead a more sustainable and environmentally conscious life by making small, but impactful changes. 

I started my sustainable lifestyle journey about 13 years ago by switching my diet, which helped reduce my greenhouse gas/methane footprint. Then I looked at how many of my beauty products tested their products on animals, which led to purchasing cruelty free products. Lastly, I knew there had to be a better way to reduce the amount of plastic that was in my kitchen, so I started bringing reusable containers to the grocery store and filled up on bulk items. Being a conscious consumer was more difficult than it should be as sustainable, ethical, and plastic free products were and still are difficult to find in grocery and boutique stores. 

I'm not an expert in the environmental sustainability field. However, I’ve done my research, educated myself and have made significant (yet simple) lifestyle changes to reduce my single use and plastic consumption while imperfectly leading a zero-waste life. That’s why I started Eco Inspired. I want to share my journey and make it easy and accessible for everyone to purchase ethical, sustainably made and plastic free products. Plain and simple.


-Eryn and Bruce (the cat)

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