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As a pop-up and online shop our goal to provide the same level of customer service as you would get as shopping with us in-person (hopefully soon though!), but with the convenience of ordering at the touch of a button.


Step 1. Make sure you're in the delivery area

We offer free local delivery to all Greater Richmond, Henrico and Chesterfield County. For Goochland, Powhatan, Chester, Amelia, Petersburg there is a $4 delivery fee. We do offer $6 flat rate shipping on all products and non-liquid refill items.


We always ship plastic free and use recycled materials. By using materials that have already been made and not made specifically for us/with our logo on it, we are reducing waste. Don't be surprised if you get a package with some (well sometimes a lot) paper tape (which is recyclable/compostable!) on it to cover another business logo. We care about our brand, but care about the environment more.

Step 2. Choose your Products

For each refill item, you can select from 2 options, Refill My Own Container or Purchase a New Container (various sizes will be offered). If you choose to refill your own container, please leave the container you wish to be refilled outside prior to the date and time of delivery. The containers must be empty, clean and dry. If you are purchasing a new container, we will prefill the container for you and deliver it on the designated delivery window. 

We offer a Jar Deposit Program where you pay for the container up front (and the product inside) and if you decide to return the container to us, you'll get your "deposit" back. After the container is returned we will clean and sanitize them before reusing.

Step 3. Tell Us Anything Special We Need to Know To Deliver 

Gate code? Want it left by your garage instead of your front porch? Anything else we need to know? Leave it in the delivery notes! 

Step 4. Get Your Order!

On your first delivery day, you don't need to do anything - just sit back and wait for your batch of zero waste goodies. 

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